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5 Advantages of Video Marketing

Video Content
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Video Marketing 2022

Video Marketing in 2022 are any contents that feature or include videos, for instance, vlogs, animated GIFs, customer testimonials, recorded presentations, webinars, live videos, or streams. Any content that consists of videos is all video content. Nowadays, many social media platforms support video content, as the demands for it have increased explosively.

The social platforms that are popular due to video content are Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook, within these three platforms, Facebook is the only one keeping up on both video and reading content, therefore making it the largest in terms of users among these three platforms. Here we are going to talk about the advantages of utilizing video content in this era, along with a few of its flaws.

Advantage 1 of Video Marketing:
Conversions & Sales

Conversion Sales Video Content
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It is not unusual for people to choose video over reading content, as it is easy and fast, thanks to this, the video marketing engagement results are a lot higher than that of text forms of marketing, such as emails. People would rather watch than reading, which is why social media is more predominantly utilized to market today rather than email. In this generation, only 18% of people who see ads in a text-based format will click on them. On top of that, marketers who utilize video-based marketing will see a 49% faster growth rate in revenue than that non-video marketers.

Advantage 2 of Video Marketing:
The Popularity of Video

Popularity Video Content
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People are hooked to video-based content with good reasons for it. Video content is easy to understand, quick on the uptake, and takes less time to finish. Studies show that 45% of people on the globe watch an hour or more of video per day, that’s nearly 4 billion people who watch a lot of videos every day. This is why YouTube is such a popular platform for both consumers and businesses, after Google, YouTube is the second most popular website in the world. It has shown that users view more than 1 billion hours of video every day on YouTube alone.

Advantage 3 of Video Marketing:
Stories Shorten

Learning Video Content
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As stated above in advantage 2, video content is easy to understand, this makes studies much faster and easier, which made many ignorant children into full-fledged influencers within months. With video content, many stories like teachings are shortened to sentences which made students rely more on video content within a social media platform than on the books in front of them.

In addition, it is easy to share such knowledge and stories by making use of the platform’s mechanic help services. This makes people more connected than email, and now in 2022, people can show important documents, and presentations, and also make room calls via software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Microsoft Skype.

Advantage 4 of Video Marketing:
Multiple Platforms

Multiple Platform Video Content
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Many platforms support video content, and both ads and entertainment are plentiful on social media. On Twitter alone, more than 82% of its users watch video content. Statistics show that on Facebook alone, posting video-based content will increase user engagement and reach by 33%. Not only can video content be used on social media to market, but also across factors such as webinars, blogs, presentations, and so forth.

In 2022, YouTube has hosted over 694 hours of video spread across 800 million videos. These videos are shown among the 37 million channels on this platform. This proves that many prefer videos instead of reading content and that it is now more of a daily preference than a trend.

Advantage 5 of Video Marketing:
Increase in Engagement

5 Advantages Of Video Marketing
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Compare to reading content, videos are much better in terms of engagement, as people can see and listen to examples of what was told in the video that is short and fun to watch, as the creators of these videos tend to add funny jokes that is understandable to the public to improve the interest of viewers. Unlike reading content, video content can provide voices and expressions that make conversations much smoother and joyful to have the viewers watch till the end and want to watch more.

For reading content, the content is relevant and accurate, but it is dull and needs a lot of focus to understand completely. In opposition, videos give life to the content by including the makers’ voices, images that help viewers understand, and expressions that make the atmosphere warm or may be lively.

In 2022 Youtube is more popular than ever, in fact, Youtube is the second largest website and most popular search engine in the world. Due to video content being a must for even elderlies, Youtube has encountered more engagement rate at the start of 2022, with a rate of 4.13%.

Cons of Using Video Marketing

5 Advantages Of Video Marketing
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Even though videos are good for viewers to observe, for developers it may not be a good subject, as it is not easy to make a video. In contrast to reading content that only needs to write the content with facts, videos need no skill but a large amount of effort to make. In conclusion, it is quite tiresome to make videos, therefore video designers and editors all have this schedule for making videos like a content schedule for influencers.

So in the end, just like everything in life, nothing is completed without putting any effort. To gain success, we all must struggle for it, even if we may fail, we should work for it. An old friend once said, “Glory don’t go to you, You grab Glory”, it means to not think that opportunity will jump to you, but you should jump towards for the opportunity.


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