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#1 Guide To Understanding Video Marketing Malaysia

Video Marketing Malaysia
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A whopping 85% of businesses rely on video marketing in Malaysia. This trend is not slowing down. A study by Cisco shows that 82% of consumer traffic will be captured by videos. If you haven’t been using video as a marketing tool, you have to start now!

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is just like traditional marketing but using videos. Businesses create videos in order to raise awareness, build a relationship, promote a market, or close deals. Compared to traditional methods of marketing, video marketing gives the audience a more immersive and personalized feel.

Types of Video Marketing Malaysia

Video Marketing Malaysia
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There are several types of videos that you can produce in a video marketing campaign. Each type serves a specific purpose.


Type #1 of Video Marketing Malaysia: Branding Videos

Brand videos are not focusing on selling a particular product. Instead, the videos incorporate tactics, including compelling storytelling and emotional appeals, to attract audiences who share similar values. As a result, it promotes brand awareness for businesses.

Type #2 of Video Marketing Malaysia: Explainer Videos

#1 Guide To Understanding Video Marketing Malaysia
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Explainer videos can be in the form of live-action or animated formats. This type of video helps to identify the pain points, explain the causes of the problems and analyze the possible solutions for the customer. The criterion of a good explainer video is that it is comprehensible and it is likely to improve the customer’s understanding of why he needs the product or service. 

Type #3 of Video Marketing Malaysia: Testimonials

Customer testimonials or product reviews are powerful tools to increase conversion rates. People are more likely to buy your products or services when they are recommended by the person they trust. These persons are known as “Key Opinion Consumers”. You can send out your products to key opinion consumers and ask them to give a product review. 

Type #4 of Video Marketing Malaysia: “How-tos” Videos

Educational videos answer “how-to” questions for the viewers. These videos are instructional and it teaches viewers about a particular subject. Educational video is an integral part of a video marketing campaign because the viewers will find your brand to be reliable and they will be confident in your expertise to solve the problems for them.

Considerations In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia

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You need good planning to develop an effective video marketing campaign. If you don’t know where to start, you may consult an influencer agency to develop a video marketing campaign that suits you. Here are some of the factors that you need to consider in planning your video marketing campaign.

Consideration #1 In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia: Tangible Goals

Video Marketing Malaysia
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There are four stages of the marketing funnel. You have to identify which stage your potential customers is at and provide tailor-made video content for the viewers. Only by having a clear goal for your video marketing campaign, you can maximize the power of video marketing.

The first stage is increasing awareness. In this stage, the goal of video marketing is to make your potential customers aware of the existence of your brand. Don’t try to insert a sales pitch in this stage as the focus is to make them understand your services.

The second stage is cultivating interest. The focus of video marketing in this stage is to educate your audience about the problems that they are facing and arose an eager want within the audience.

The third stage is making a decision. When the potential customers have figured out their problem, they may be confused about which brand should they go for. Video marketing helps you to direct potential customers to your brand by showing the advantages of buying from your brand.

The fourth stage is taking action. This is when the potential customers have made up their minds. What you need is just a video that provides the final push so that they will complete the deal.

Consideration #2 In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia: Target Audience

Video Marketing Malaysia
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You need to be clear on who is your target audience. The target audience is the specific demographic of the video content. What is their age? Where do they live? What activities that they engage in? Who are the kind of celebrities they like? What are their interests? Why do they have such an interest? A thorough understanding of the buyer’s persona helps you to create a video marketing strategy that is appealing to your audience.

Consideration #3 In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia: Budget

Video Marketing Malaysia
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Once you set a specific goal for your video marketing campaign, you have to determine the budget that you want to spend on the campaign. Some video marketing campaigns, such as live-action videos, may be more expensive as you need to pay for performers, equipment, and other production expenses.

You can engage a reputable influencer marketing agency to determine the video marketing plans based on the budget allocated. Compare different plans and determine which plans suit you the most.

Consideration #4 In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia: Schedule and Timeline

Video Marketing Malaysia
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Lastly, you need to set a schedule for your marketing campaign. This is to ensure that every department in your business can cooperate better. The designing, packaging, and promotional team can work together in a synchronized manner. When the project is launched, everything will be in place according to the timeline.

Consideration #5 In Developing A Strategy For Video Marketing Malaysia: Brand Look and Feel

Video Marketing Malaysia
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You want to align the color scheme, feels, messages, and stories of the video content with your brand identity. It communicates the brand personality to your audience.  For instance, a massage chair business may want to work with soft ASMR so that the viewers subconsciously associate their brand with relaxation.

The video marketing campaign should convey messages with a tone that matches the emotional responses that you want to elicit. Your video marketing campaign has a heavy impact on how your potential customers see you.

Should You Start Your Video Marketing in Malaysia?

In Malaysia, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram are among the popular sites for video marketing. With 83% of connected Malaysian watching online videos daily, video marketing can definitely increase your business revenue. Your potential consumers can watch the video anytime, anywhere.

Of course, there are other ways to market your business. But video marketing in Malaysia can be the most cost-effective choice for your business. If you don’t know where to start, engaging key opinion consumers to review your products is a good way to start!

These tips that were mentioned above are only tips, in the end, they only assist you in making a favorable beginning. To continue to grow as a Facebook Influencer, you will need to have these traits that will largely assist you in advancing your way. The traits of a great Facebook Influencer are being authentic, passionate, experienced in your specific field, trustable, and good at community managing. By having these features, your community will grow consistently and you will be successful in no time.

I hope you all find these tips to be either helpful or enjoyable. These tips are only here to assist you just like the features that were mentioned above, they help but do not guarantee anything, we need to work hard to get the best results. If you do not work for it, how do you think you are going to get your reward.


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