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5 Differences between Youtube and TikTok Influencers

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Video content is dominating the social media space more than ever before. Which video platform should you choose? Whether being a Tiktok influencer is better than being a youtube influencer? Is engaging a youtube influencer or a Tiktok influencer better for your business?

When comparing TikTok vs YouTube influencers, you must bear in mind that you shouldn’t just consider the historical popularity of YouTube or the continuous growing success of TikTok. You shall also consider whether being or engaging a youtube or tiktok influencer fits your goals, target audience and financial expectations.

That’s why we are bringing you a YouTube influencers vs TikTok influencers comparison, so you can decide which one suits you better and how you can make the best out of it.

Difference #1: Video Length of Contents Created by Youtube vs TikTok Influencers

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TikTok is famous for short bursts of video. TikTok influencers are allowed to create short-form vertical videos (9:16 ratio) up to 10 minutes. The majority of TikTok videos are only 60 seconds. At times it becomes difficult to integrate the story of your brand in just 60 seconds in an authentic way.

On the other hand, Youtube doesn’t have any kind of video time limit. YouTube influencers are allowed to create long-form horizontal videos (16:9 ratio) up to 15 minutes on normal accounts and no maximum length on verified accounts. Therefore, youtube influencers have a much better chance to create the longest promotional video content for business.

Due to TikTok’s popularity, Youtube launched YouTube Shorts. YouTube Shorts allows Youtube Influencers to upload short-form vertical videos up to 60 seconds length. Couple with the fact that TikTok has been allowing TikTok influencers to post videos up to 10 minutes, the difference between YouTube and TikTok influencers in this regard has been blurred.

Difference #2: Target Audience of Youtube vs TikTok Influencers

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TikTok influencers mainly target Gen Z audience. This is because around 43% of TikTok users are between 16 and 24 years old. Only 31% TikTok users are between 25 and 34 years old. In fact, the creators of the TikTok decided to choose under 18 as their target audience from the very beginning

TikTok influencers have the interest of young people. The App allows TikTok influencers to produce content which can be consumed immersively and quickly. TikTok may be a good option if it’s the target you are looking for

On the other hand, Youtube content is available for every type of audience from kids to professional entrepreneurs. Youtube consists of suitable contents for every demographic imaginable. With YouTube being around for so many years, it has content that resonates with almost any demographic.

Have you decided your target yet? When it comes to reaching a more broad and mixed audience, YouTube influencers win in comparison as youtube influencers may reach a variety of age groups, starting with the little ones who watch YouTube Kids up to the more senior generations.

Difference #3: How the Algorithm Works for Youtube vs TikTok Influencers

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No doubt that both the Youtube and TikTok are working with advanced AI. However, the algorithm works differently for the video platforms. For TikTok Influencers, the content posted will be seen by few viewers to start with. The algorithm measures the initial engagement and if requirements are met, the content will be shown to additional users.

This simple but powerful algorithm allows newcomers and small TikTok influencers to grow quickly and receive thousands, if not millions, of views without a large number of followers.

Besides, TikTok influencers can utilize on the feature of TikTok trends, also known as challenges. It usually involves a popular song, routine, or hashtag that other users attempt to re-create.

On the other hand, YouTube videos are constantly discoverable and searchable, with many YouTube influencers earning consistent views over years of growing their audiences. In short, the content on YouTube usually have a longer lifespan than TikTok trends.

Difference #4: Content Types of Youtube vs TikTok Influencers

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Due to the difference of their maximum video length, YouTube and TikTok influencers post different type of content. TikTok is better for casual, entertaining and funny content. TikTok influencers generally favor fun, unserious and trendy content types such as musicals, dance, sports, humorous videos, and lip-sync challenges.

On the contrary, YouTube works better with an open range content of many kinds, including comedy, educative, informative videos, news, cultures, movies among many others. YouTube has longer and more in-depth content.

In the same way, YouTube videos tend to require active watching, while TikTok watching is more passive and relaxed.

Difference #5: How to Make Earnings as YouTube vs Tik Tok Influencers?

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For YouTube influencers, there is already a huge number of creators that earning a solid amount from their youtube channels. Here are some ways YouTube influencers make their earnings.

  • Google Adsense For Earning Money: There is a primary method for earning money from any social media platform. YouTubers linked their account with Google AdSense to claim their money. As Google shows various ads on their video which help the creator to get their revenue.
  • Money From Affiliate Marketing: The second best option of earrings from YouTube other than Google AdSense is by promoting affiliate products. If there is a conversion via the creator’s video, the YouTube influencers will get some commission.
  • Promoting Businesses: YouTube influencers may produce content that promote their own businesses or others. YouTube influencers may review products and provide a piece of brief product information that can convenience customers to get your product.


For TikTok influencers, they make money in a way which is quite different from Youtube influencers. They adapt the different methods mentioned below:

  • Promoting Brands: TikTok influencers have an excellent audience especially teenagers. You can use this platform for business and promotions. A TikTok influencer has to build a strong audience and followers so that people reach you for promoting their business.
  • Promote Affiliate Goods And Services: This is the easiest way TikTok influencers earn bucks through Tiktok profile. You can promote goods and services via your video content, and you can earn an ample amount of prices.
  • TikTok Diamond To Cash: TikTok influencers can ultilize this unique method for earning money. TikTok influencers can receive such coins when you go on your live sessions. These coins can be converted into diamonds and later on transfer this to PayPal.

YouTube vs TikTok: Which one to choose?

Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to choose one instead of the other, as they can be compatible. You will not lose anything having a presence on both platforms. You can use the same video from YouTube Shorts on TikTok, or you can make some updates to these videos to publish them on TikTok. ‍It’s impossible for you to know what platform will better suit your business needs if you don’t try. Start building a presence on both platforms now!

These tips that were mentioned above are only tips, in the end, they only assist you in making a favorable beginning. To continue to grow as a Facebook Influencer, you will need to have these traits that will largely assist you in advancing your way. The traits of a great Facebook Influencer are being authentic, passionate, experienced in your specific field, trustable, and good at community managing. By having these features, your community will grow consistently and you will be successful in no time.

I hope you all find these tips to be either helpful or enjoyable. These tips are only here to assist you just like the features that were mentioned above, they help but do not guarantee anything, we need to work hard to get the best results. If you do not work for it, how do you think you are going to get your reward.


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