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5 Forms of Content to Increase Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates
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As social media is becoming popular, businesses tend to consider social media platforms as their marketing strategy. Instagram is one of the social media that people are using, and it is important to increase the Instagram influencer engagement rate to expose your brand awareness. Social media has completely changed the way of people and businesses interact online. Marketing strategies have shifted mostly from offline to online.

It won’t be easy for a company to build a long-term relationship with its audience, even speaking to them directly is hard. As online marketing is easier to reach out to more people, competition is fiercer, and it will be more challenging for business owners to grab customers’ attention.

Many consumers will follow more than one brand to compare the quality of products, discounts, and new product releases. Not many people will be following only one product. So how do you really increase Instagram influencer engagement rates to sustain your consumer?

You must have more engagement for your social media as it helps to reinforce your brand’s credibility and give your business a leg up. Engaging with your customers also helps to build a healthy relationship with them and leads to conversion and long-term loyalty. You will need to create content that engages your customer with your Instagram influencer.

You may wonder if your Instagram influencer can create any content, but it may not be correct. Poor quality content wouldn’t attract consumers. We will discuss the forms of content you can use to increase your Instagram influencer engagement rates.

Increase Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates #1 - User-Generated Content

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates
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User-generated content, usually referred to as USG, is content created by everyday users that promotes the brand. You can consider making a campaign that involves the user creating something and hashtagging your company.

This tactic is awesome and quite helpful to get your customer to be more engaged with your company and promote your brand simultaneously without the high cost.

UGC is quite a powerful marketing strategy for using social media platforms. It can be a post you post every day, but getting users involved in the activity you create becomes some sort of advertisement to increase your brand awareness. The most important thing is that you don’t have to do anything. You just come out with an idea, and the consumers do the rest.

UGC’s chances of engagement are greater than stock images or branded content. Most people are influenced by UGC when purchasing the product from you.

Increase Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates #2 - Share Non-Branded But Original Content

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates
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Another popular method to boost your Instagram influencer engagement rate is non-branded content, as consumers prefer authentic content. Most consumers dislike heavily brand focus content. This approach is different from UGC. Creating original content doesn’t mean it needs to be outright promotional.

It might sound a bit confusing to you what non-branded content is. When you use non-branded content, you will use a more personal approach to tell a story to connect with your audience. Too much branded messaging can turn off your audience.

When using non-branded content, you introduce your product or service more indirectly and naturally. The main point is to support your brand value rather than promote your products or services. Consumers are more comfortable with natural storytelling and content than focusing only on your brand. You can relate your content with things that the brand cares about or supports.

Increase Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates #3 - Share Interactive Content

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates
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Social media, such as Instagram, is a new way to open your brands to consumers and interact with them. People can ask when they are in doubt, share their comments or concern on your page, and you can respond to them. Interactive content helps you to interact with your audience more and invite them to get engaged. It can be incredible to increase your Instagram influencer engagement rates.

So what kind of interactive content do you use to increase your Instagram influencer engagement rates? Interactive content can include polls, quizzes, and Q&As. Instagram even has Story features where it helps to create interactive content and connect to its audience in a more personal way.

It is important to know the source to learn what the customers want, but you need to know where, when, and how. You can have contests or giveaways if you don’t have a budget. Sharing posts or tagging friends for entries can be a great way to increase your brand awareness.

Increase Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates #4 - Shareable Content

Instagram Influencer Engagement Rates
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When you are going through posts on social media, you will see your friends sharing inspiring posts; why do people do that? People share the content as it reflects themselves as a person or it is inspiring for them. Creating content that is likely to be shared helps increase your Instagram influencer engagement rates.

By now, you will think about what kind of content is sharable. There are four main types of content that will likely be shared: breaking news, heartwarming stories, practical advice, and behind-the-scenes content.

These topics can easily capture your audience. To create a highly shareable content for your business. You can try out inspiring or thought-provoking quotes. These can trigger the audience to connect it with their personal thoughts or beliefs.


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